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Lesbian Entrepreneurs Learn How to Become a Trusted Authority

Durée : 00:14:43 | 4 vues

Lesbians now how a powerful and safe space where they can learn how to build and grow successful businessness. Lesbian Business Project, LLC and its new website offer [...]

Lesbian Business Project, LLC Launches in Fort Lauderdale

Durée : 00:04:46 | 17 vues - Lesbian Business Project is leading the formation of a bilingual global community of lesbian entrepreneurs who are committed to personal and social transformation. [...]

Big Barker Orthopedic Beds for Large Dogs Offered by Lesbian Owned Online Store

Durée : 00:12:22 | 17 vues - Founder Dr. Carmen D. Ortiz interviews Eric Shannon, owner of Big Barker. Orthopedic beds for large dogs offered by Big Barker are designed to provide perfectly [...]

Gay Pride Parade Miami 2014 - Miami Dade Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

Durée : 00:06:50 | 28 vues Dr. Carmen Delia shares from the Miami Dade Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce's Float her experience of the Miami Gay Pride Parade on April 13th, 2014. [...]

Lesbian Entrepreneurs - Dr. Carmen Delia Redefines Empowerment

Durée : 00:03:42 | 13 vues - During yesterday's Women Empowerment Luncheon hosted by the Miami Dade Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Carmen Delia, co founder of Lesbian Business [...]

Live Event for Lesbian Entrepreneurs in Fort Lauderdale

Durée : 00:06:12 | 0 vues - This is the first historical live event of the Lesbian Business Miracles Sisterhood, a global movement of enlightened lesbian entrepreneurs committed to building a [...]

Lesbian Entrepreneurs Learn How to Build Business Miracles

Durée : 00:02:07 | 10 vues

htpp:// - Dr. Carmen D. Ortiz is offering lesbian entrepreneurs a free online video course consisting of 27 Pearls of Wisdom covering the 15 step roadmap to building a [...]

Empresarias Lesbianas -Mision de Les Biz Latina

Durée : 00:02:07 | 9 vues - La empresa Lesbian Business Project en Fort Lauderdale, Florida ha lanzado en ingles y en espanol para empoderar a todas las empresarias lesbianas que desean construir un [...]

2 hot lesbians - So sexy clip

Durée : 00:00:14 | 64213 vues | 4.8Notes/10

Best lesbian action ever... these girls are too hot!

2 cute lesbians kissing in bed

Durée : 00:00:14 | 108081 vues | 6.6Notes/10

2 cute lesbians in sexy lingerie kissing in bed. Deux jolies lesbiennes s'embrassent pour la camra

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